Tinder CEO Talks Dating App’s Commitment to Relationships in Interview

Elie Seidman has taken part in a feature interview with British newspaper The Guardian to discuss how Tinder has evolved in recent years.

He first joined the dating app at the beginning of 2018, when his tenure as CEO of OkCupid came to an end. Since then, he has set about developing Tinder’s strategy, which included getting rid of its casual dating reputation.

During the interview, Seidman admitted that the old ‘Elo Ranking’ system was a “mistake”. The infamous algorithm rated users based on how many “hot” people swiped right on them, and aimed to pair the most desirable profiles.

The “outdated measure” was removed in March and replaced with new technology that prioritises how often singles use the app and their location.

Men reportedly make up 75% of Tinder’s entire user base, which presents several issues, such as inappropriate actions and unsolicited images. The CEO explained that the app is constantly working to ensure that bad behaviour is punished.

Seidman told The Guardian: “We have a really, really, really clear view which is that people who are awful need to be removed from these apps. We have a ton of work in our trust and safety group between tech and people – massive teams of moderators benefiting from AI. 

“We have things in the app to educate people about how to behave. So we’re coming at it from a lot of angles. If you have behaved badly, we want you out – and we want you out as quickly as possible.”

He continued on to say that its record of getting rid of bad actors has improved over the past couple of years. He hopes that the next generation will be more inclined to behave themselves online, because they’ve grown up in the digital world and know the rules that apply are the same as in person.

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