Tinder Co-Founders Invest In Baby Food Delivery Company Little Spoon

Tinder co-founders Sean Rad and Justin Mateen have invested in baby food delivery service Little Spoon.

Recently launched in New York, Little Spoon delivers organic, nutritional baby food to people’s homes.

Co-founder of Little Spoon Michelle Muller explains that parents often have to choose between the convenience of pre-made baby food that could contain preservatives and making fresh meals themselves.

To combat this, Little Spoon says that it offers parents a way to feed their baby nutritional, pre-made meals easily, as it delivers the food straight to their doors.

Muller said: “Parents don’t know better. They see a jar labelled “butternut squash” and think it’s fresh, like you made it in your kitchen, but it’s just not. It really takes someone to come in and disrupt for them to see the problem.”

Parents can choose from a range of meals and Little Spoon provides a number subscription options, depending on how many meals per day people require.

Meals can cost up to $4.99 individually, but if parents choose to bulk-buy from Little Spoon, the company will send two weeks worth of three meals per day for $2.99 per meal.

Co-founder and CMO of Little Spoon Lisa Barnett explains more about the issues with supermarket-sold baby food, and why Little Spoon wants to offer an alternative: “It has been sitting on the shelf longer than your baby has been alive in this world.

“The reason for this is because the store-bought baby food brands — even the organic ones — have been heat pasteurised, a process that kills all the fresh and nutritious properties of the baby food and leaves you with a shelf-stable, sugary product.”

Little Spoon is said to have received funds from a number of angel investors, including Tinder co-founders Sean Rad and Justin Mateen and Kyle O’Brien from yogurt company Chobani.

Find out more about Little Spoon here.