Tinder Confirms Testing on Two New In-App Features

Tinder has confirmed it is testing two new features for the app, which they hope will encourage better conversation between users.

Reverse-engineering expert, Jane Machun Wong, first uncovered the news that the dating app was working on two new features. Tinder has now confirmed that it is testing the ‘Share to Matches’ and ‘Prompt’ features.

The company said it hopes these options will encourage daters to continue messaging one another and reduce anxiety over speaking to strangers.

A spokesperson said in a statement: “Tinder’s goal is to make it easier for users to connect with new people.

“We are testing different ways to make it easy for the members to express and share their personalities along with keeping the experience simple and fun.”

The ‘Share to Matches’ option will allow users to share content only with their matches in the hope of encouraging shy people to initiate conversation.

‘Prompt’ will suggest ways daters could answer questions or finish sentences that reflect their personality better.

Tinder has found that many of its app users are worried about engaging in conversations with potential dates and instead use jokes, cheesy one-liners or risque comments.

The company has refused to say when the tests will take place or when the features might be available to the public.

In October 2019, Tinder released its new Swipe Night feature in the US. ‘Swipe Night’ will debut in Indonesia and India next month.

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