Tinder Connects Adoptable Dogs with Singles for National Dog Week

To celebrate National Dog Week, Tinder is helping adoptable dogs from rescue organisations to find a new home. Tinder users will be given the option to have an adoptable dog added to their profile.

This has two benefits. First, these adoptable dogs will be displayed to many potential pet parents to increase their chance of adoption. Secondly, singles can demonstrate their dog-loving personalities. 70% of surveyed singles believe that having a dog in their profile photo helps them get more matches, and “Dog Lover” is among the top 10 most popular interests on Tinder profiles, according to the app.

“Being able to express your common interests is so important for sparking new connections, so we wanted to bring our members even more fun ways to find someone new, whether that be a new dog park pal or a stepparent for their furry friend” said Melissa Hobley, Tinder’s CMO.

To kick off this new feature, members were invited to a canine social club in Los Angeles where they could meet with other singles and take professional photos with dogs from local rescue organisations.

This has not been the first instance of collaboration between animal shelters and dating apps. In August 2021, Lithuanian developers launched GetPet, an Tinder-style app that allows users to swipe through photos of dogs looking for homes. Users can then arrange ‘dates’ with the pets. 

While questions were raised about the ethics behind the GetPet app, its founders say that the app has been effective in finding new homes for some shelter dogs in Lithuania. 

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