Tinder Director of Product Talks Cryptocurrency Investments

Tinder’s Director of Product and Revenue Jeff Morris Jr. has been speaking about his recent investments in the cryptocurrency industry.

Morris created Chapter One Ventures, a product investment fund, as a side project to his work at the dating app.

He announced at the beginning of 2018 that he wanted to invest in 10 crypto companies during the year. So far he has made 12 investments, admitting that he needs to stay disciplined to say no to some opportunities.

He said to CoinDesk: “I am investing in the best product teams I can find in this space who have shipped products at scale before.”

Some of the higher profile companies currently in Morris’ portfolio include CryptoKitties, Radar Relay and Paradigm.

CryptoKitties is blockchain based game where users buy, breed and sell virtual cats. Morris said he liked this company because it was an innovative new digital product.

He told CoinDesk: “I have definitely seen the power of digital goods at Tinder in terms of creating intellectual property that adds value to consumers lives. When I saw CryptoKitties created, I thought: This could be the start of an entirely new application of digital goods.”

During Morris’ time at Tinder, the service has introduced two new digital products – Boost and Super Like.

Several online dating services, such as Viola.AI, carry cryptocurrencies that are specific to their platform. If Tinder was ever to explore integrating crypto then Morris is one candidate to lead its development.

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Dominic Whitlock

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