‘Tinder for Games’ Helps Players Find New Titles

The CEO of Gameway, an app that uses a Tinder-esque interface to match users with new video games, has interviewed with pocketgamer.biz.

Discovering new titles can be difficult for gamers, who often need to find ways to circumnavigate algorithms on the App Store and Google Play to find obscure indie releases.

Smart recommendations on Gameway look to solve this problem by helping users swipe through games that match their preferences and history.

Ben Woolf answered questions on the advantages of his app in a long form interview published on the 22nd of January.

He noted that the company rebranding its product from ‘ANDi’ to ‘Gameway’ had a transformative impact on organic growth, which he attributes to a more obvious connection to the gaming world and searchability.

To take the product further, Woolf is raising funds on crowdsourcing site Crowdcube. It differs from Kickstarter in that investors can get equity in the company and potentially share in the reward.

The app is only available on Android at present, boasting 5,000 active monthly users and 13,000 downloads.

In the future, Gameway may diversify into creating its own content.

The app is another example of swipe-based interfaces expanding beyond the dating niche.

Other companies to have exported the model include Peanut and Coinswipe.

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