Tinder India Releases ‘We Need To Talk’ Campaign

Tinder India has released a campaign by the name of ‘we need to talk’ under the ‘let’s talk consent’ movement. It explores the nuances of consent in the interpersonal relationships between young adults.

The short film has been produced in order to encourage conversations about consent and safe dating. It consists of friends at a birthday party who decide to play ‘never have I ever’. The game goes downhill when one of the participants is called out for violating someone’s consent. This sparks the conversation of what consent means to each person based upon their experiences. The film ends when the person who initiated the conversation saying: ‘look for a yes because anything less than that is a no’.

Taru Kapoor, general manager, Tinder and Match Group, India, said, “Our conversations with Tinder members and the survey with young adult daters in India gave us insight into the overwhelming need to create safe spaces for conversations on boundaries and mutual respect, which are not often discussed in our society. Our Let’s Talk Consent initiative aims to give young adults the tools and resources to understand how consent equates to freedom in making choices, mutual agreement and normalises open discussions on tough topics. Coupled with safety products in the app and initiatives such as these, we are committed to working towards creating a healthy dating ecosystem in the country.”

The film will be shown on the brand’s Instagram and YouTube.

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