Tinder India’s New Ad Receives 1.5 Million Views in Only a Few Days

Tinder is back in India with an ad titled Start Something Epic, which features a young girl who takes charge of her own love life.

The company’s debut campaign in India which featured a mother giving her daughter tips for a Tinder date.

The film was then trolled on social media platforms for desperately “Indianising” the dating app.

Taru Kapoor, Head of Tinder India said: “The short film we released a few years ago was social media content and a part of our ongoing effort to create a conversation around dating and relationships in contemporary India. Over the last two years, we have grown explosively and also done many more content partnerships and marketing activations along the way.”

The new campaign is a recreation of Mohammad Rafi’s hit song Jaan Pehchan Ho. It features musician and actor Kavya Trehan playing the role of the Tinder girl.

She goes about meeting new people through the dating app and eventually finding the right match. The company apparently wanted to provide the ease and independence that Tinder is about for users to find love.

Kapoor added: “The film portrays the joy and adrenaline of the epic possibilities that millions of Tinder users enjoy every day while being in control at all times. On Tinder, epic can range from a great conversation where you discover something new, an amazing first date, the beginning of a new friendship to the starting of a romantic relationship – the chemistry of every conversation on Tinder is unique.

“Women especially love Tinder as it is a community based on equality, mutual respect and a place where they are not judged for being themselves or being bombarded with unsolicited attention.”

The film was uploaded on the 13th of February and has already received over 1.5 million views across the company’s YouTube and Facebook platforms.

The film was directed by Bharat Sikka.

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Chloe Gay

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