Tinder Introduces ‘Swipe The Vote’ Ahead Of The US Presidential Election

Swipe The Vote
Tinder has introduced a new Swipe To Vote feature ahead of the upcoming US presidential election.

Having previously run similar campaigns on the app, Tinder has now introduced Swipe The Vote in partnership with Rock The Vote, a non-profit organisation hoping to encourage more young voters.

The feature, which was co-built with real-time polling platform Wedgies, will now show Tinder users special election-related cards in addition to potential matches.

Swipe The Vote works by showing users a special election-related card, which if tapped will take the user into a swipe-style quiz.

The quiz will show users a selection of some of the most important issues raised in this year’s election, including topics like climate change and immigration, and users will have to swipe left or right depending on their view of the topic.

And to find out more about each of the topics, users can tap the card before swiping.

The app will then ask swipers to choose who they will be voting for in the election – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump – before showing them which candidate their answers to the previous statements are best matched with.

Once this match has been made, users can find out more about the candidate by clicking on their name.

As it stands, the Swipe The Vote poll is available to users in the U.S., Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Spain and the UK.

And for users in America, the app will also show them their nearest polling station.

To find out more about Swipe To Vote please click here.