Tinder Joins White House Push To Increase Organ Donations In US

Organ Donation
Tinder is joining a new campaign to get more people to sign up for organ donation.

With concerns growing about the number of organ donors in the US, Tinder will be teaming up with non-profit group Organize to encourage more young people to sign up to donate.

The idea is part of a push by the White House, which last month announced an initiative to increase organ donation figures and help save lives by reducing the organ waiting list.

The plan has been joined by dozens of companies, foundations, universities, hospitals and patient advocacy organizations.

The White House revealed that although 95% of Americans support organ donation, only half of them are actually registered.

The campaign therefore aims to boost these figures by introducing more people – especially those from younger generations – to the cause and give them an easy way to join the register.

The Tinder & Organize collaboration will work by adding profiles about organ donation to the dating app, and encourage singles to sign up and become a donor themselves.

A similar campaign was held in Britain last year, with Tinder joining forces with the NHS to encourage Brits on the app to join the register.

And following its success, there are high hopes for Tinder’s collaboration with Organize in the US.

Organize also plans to team up with the likes of Facebook & Funny Or Die, as well as universities & hospitals to try and boost registrations.

The new feature is set to be added to Tinder in September.

Tinder is one of 12 organisations including Facebook, Organize and Twitter who are developing new tools and public advocacy campaigns to increase the options and ease of registering to be an organ donor, with a goal of achieving 1m new registrations and social declarations by the autumn of 2016.

To find out more about this app and the collaboration between Organize and Tinder please click here.

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