Tinder Isn’t Playing Games Anymore, Changes “Keep Playing” Button

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The gamified dating phenomenon Tinder has made a small product update to show it isn’t just a game anymore.

The IAC-owned dating app has changed its famous “Keep Playing” button, which appears after you match with someone, to “Keep Swiping”.

While obviously a very minor product change, the “keep playing” popup was always a feature commenters would point at when talking about the gamified aspect of Tinder, and how it was key to its success – as if it were a clue into how Tinder viewed its own app.

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It was also something the app’s detractors would use to show that Tinder wasn’t created to be a serious dating service, but instead just a fun, frivolous, game.

In addition to this, the app’s latest update has also removed the “Tell Your Friends” button at the bottom of the screen.

This change comes after Tinder recently beefed up its sharing functionalities, letting users “matchmake” their friends by enabling them to send profiles they encounter to one another.

But as eagle-eyed Tinder users have also noticed, the app strangely also lets users share profiles on Skype, Tumblr, and even Slack & LinkedIn.

Read more about the matchmaker feature here.

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