Tinder Launches Relationship Goals Feature

Dating app Tinder is launching its Relationship Goals feature where users can signal what exactly they’re looking for. Some options include long-term partner, short-term partner, new friends, or still figuring it out.

Tinder hopes this new feature will give users more insight into what a potential match is looking for, empowering them to make more informed decisions. Testing of the feature saw over 50% of users adopt Relationship Goals on their profile.

“This feature was developed in response to a shift we’ve seen among our members. Young singles, who make-up a majority of Tinder, are increasingly becoming more intentional with who they spend their time with. In fact, 72% of Tinder members said they’re looking for someone who knows what they want”, said Kyle Miller, Vice President of Core Product at Tinder.

“Relationship Goals gives members more control over their interactions and allows them to match with more intention, without missing out on a connection they wouldn’t have made anywhere else”, Miller continued.

The app will prompt members every week to ask them if their relationship goals are still accurate. The feature will launch globally by January 5 2023.