Tinder Launches Relationship Types and Pronoun Options

Tinder has launched a new feature where users can state the type of relationship they’re looking for, including monogamy, ethical non-monogamy, an open relationship and more. It is also allowing users to have up to four pronouns on their profile from a list of over 15 options.

The new ‘Relationship Type’ feature adds to the existing ‘Relationship Goals’ tool, which allows users to state whether they are looking for a long term relationship, a hookup, or something else. 

These features are part of Tinder’s campaign to help users be more upfront with what they’re looking for.

Recent surveys conducted by the dating app found that 73% of young singles across all genders say they’re looking for someone who is clear about what they want. Additionally, it found 41% of Gen Z are open to or seeking non monogamous relationships.

The recent launch also gives users greater ability to share their gender identity on their profile. The LGTBQIA+ community is the fastest growing group on the app, with a third of Gen Z respondents saying that their gender identity has become more fluid in the past 3 years.

The Relationship Type feature is available in the USA, Brazil, France, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, and a number of other countries. At this time, the extended options for pronouns are only available in the USA.