Tinder Launches Safety Features & Incognito Mode

Tinder has announced the rollout of several new features including an incognito mode, the ability to block profiles, long press reporting and more. This forms part of Tinder’s renewed commitment to making the platform safer.

While users can currently hide their profile on Tinder, Incognito Mode will take things one step further. Premium Members using this tool can still swipe on the app but only those who they’ve liked will see them in their recommendations. This gives users more control over who sees their profile.

The Block tool will allow users to control who they see on the app. When profiles are suggested, members can choose to block them so they don’t show up again. This will help singles avoid coming across ex’s or bosses repeatedly, and can be used in conjunction with the Block Contacts ability.

Tinder is also making it easier for users to seamlessly report offensive messages that are sent in chat. Users can now simply tap on offensive messages and report them immediately from the chat screen.

It is also adding new features to prevent offensive messages from being sent and received. The ‘Are You Sure?’ pop up kicks in before a user sends a message containing language the platform regards as offensive. This reduces offensive messages from being sent by 10%.

 The ‘Does This Bother You?’ pop up will appear for users who have received seemingly offensive messages, encouraging them to report a conversation if they find it inappropriate. Since launching, this feature increased reporting of messages with harmful language by 46%.

These features are being released alongside Tinder’s new Green Flags campaign, which highlights every aspect of Tinder that has user safety in mind.