Tinder Launches ‘Year In Swipe’ 2021

Tinder has launched their ‘year in swipe’ trends and predictions for 2021. The last eighteen months have been the most tumultuous that the online dating has ever seen, and a look back over 2021 has shown that singles have been forced to pivot they way in which they meet likeminded matches. Tinder’s Gen Z members showed how they were authentically themselves as they looked to connect with new people in 2021.

Tinder’s look back at 2021, the ‘year in swipe’ first showed that 2021 was a ‘side-eye’ kind of year. While millions of emojis were used in Tinder bios, one rising star really caught the attention: the Side eye saw a huge 40% increase in usage in Tinder bios globally this year, as members showed a mixed bag of optimism and skepticism throughout the year. 

In 2021, Gen Z enjoyed both virtual meets and post-vax IRL dates. Video dates have turned into a first date staple for singles with mentions of “video call” in Tinder bios growing by 52% globally. Yet, Gen Z were also looking to connect with new people close to them for real life hangouts with “nearby” and “close by” both increasing by 20% in Tinder bios globally, showing that the IRL world isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon when it comes to dating.

In a year when getting vaxxed was the first thing on the date prep checklist, sharing the post-vaccine lifestyle on their Tinder bios made Gen Z feel safer to meet someone. As vaccination drives accelerated locally between April and May 2021, mentions of “Vaxxed” in bios in the US grew by over 3x as members advocated for vaccine status as a dating essential. Vaccine badges from Tinder became the new flaunt feature with the badge being the most popular by far amongst US Gen Z members. 

Tinder’s look back at 2021 found that it’s the smallest of favours that make a date a favourite. Mentions of ‘small things’ increased by 30% year on year in Tinder bios as members shared their appreciation for the little joys in life. US Tinder members mentioned small gestures such as ‘planning a picnic’ or ‘paying the bill’ as ones that would make their day.

With music being the top interest shared amongst Tinder members globally, what songs members choose to display on their profile told us a lot about their mood. The raw emotions of Olivia Rodgrio’s good4u and Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber’s STAY ranked as chart-toppers in Tinder bios in 2021.

Read the full ‘year in swipes’ here.

Luke Smith

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