Tinder Now Lets You Share Profiles On WhatsApp, Slack & Even LinkedIn

tinder matchmaker

Last month, Tinder announced it was testing a new “matchmaker” feature that lets you share profiles you discover on Tinder with your friends.

By clicking the new share button on a profile, singles can send a temporary link to the profile via text to a friend.

When you receive a link and click it, a simple version of the profile appears in mobile web and you are prompted to open the app so you can see the full profile, letting you either swipe left or right.

This link you create expires either after five clicks, or after 72 hours.

Announcing the feature last month, the Hollywood-based app said it was designed to help you play matchmaker with your friends, by connecting them with singles they might like.

But as the feature has started to roll out, early users have noticed that you can share these profiles with some platforms and apps than one might not expect.

When you click the share button, as shown below, Tinder allows you to share the profile with a host of apps, including WhatsApp, Message, Skype and even work platforms Slack & LinkedIn.

tinder share

The ability to send profiles to these platforms does seem a bit odd, and something one can imagine certain singles might object to.

Those who want to make sure their profile isn’t shareable can do so by turning the feature off in their Discovery Settings.

Interestingly, you can also share profiles with Tumblr & Gmail, but not with either Facebook or Facebook Messenger.

Tinder said it will be testing different versions of the feature in various markets, so the sharing functionality as it is will likely change over the coming months.

Earlier in the year, Tinder released an under-reported feature that allows singles to create a unique username and web profile – something this latest matchmaker feature is based on.

Read more about the new feature here.

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