Tinder Partners With Grubhub For Poll-Style Advert


Tinder has partnered with restaurant search website Grubhub to launch a new style of advert on the dating platform.

Announced by Grubhub earlier this week, the campaign asked singles to reveal their answers to a selection of food-related questions via the app’s swipe-based interface.

Grubhub asked singles things like: “Which dish do you prefer on a first date?” or “Your date keeps stealing food off your plate. What do you do?”, and people had to give their answers by swiping left or right.

Overall, the study surveyed 2,000 singles across the US and generated a set of food-related insights for GrubHub, such as: 62% of people preferred to choose a heartier dish on a first date, and 36% wouldn’t go on a second date if the other person didn’t offer to pay.

Grubhub’s CMO Barbara Martin Coppola said: “Partnering with Tinder allowed us to tap into the food-related dating preferences and practices of today’s singles.

“We’re thrilled to be part of the new dating experience and it is heartwarming to see that Grubhub can play a role in the love story of couples nationwide, as people get to know a new partner over their favourite local cuisine, from the comfort of home.”

Previously, Tinder had generally focused on profile-style advertising by enabling companies to set up their own profile on the app and send information to singles if they swiped right.

For example, at the beginning of this year Ford engaged with over 1.5m users on Tinder after it added a set of branded profiles to the app that instructed users to: “Swipe right if you fancy a blind date in a Ford Mustang”.

Captain Morgan also teamed up with Tinder, dishing out dating tips and drink recipes to those who swiped right.

VP of Communications and Branding at Tinder, Rosette Pambakian, spoke about the Grubhub survey: “Most first dates involve food, so partnering with Grubhub to learn more about how eating preferences affect compatibility was a perfect fit for us.

“The findings are interesting and highlight the important role food plays in dating.”

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