Tinder Partners with No More for Healthy Dating Guide

Tinder has partnered with No More, an organisation which looks to end domestic violence and sexual assault, to produce a ‘Guide to Healthy Dating’. The guide gives a series of tips for singles including advice on consent, respect, and safety. 

The guide is split into two sections, first covering tips for online dating, followed by some reminders for when meeting in real life. The tips for online dating include:

  1. Get to know yourself better before building your dating profile. Think about how to make your profile authentic without revealing everything about yourself, and make sure that you create your profile truthfully.
  2. Don’t ask uncomfortable or intrusive questions, and be mindful of the language you use. Tinder has a feature where it asks if a user is sure when they send a message containing inappropriate language. 
  3. While talking about sex can be part of healthy communication, be careful not to bring up sex too early and make the other person uncomfortable. Let your match guide that conversation and respect their boundaries.
  4. Look out for red flags like a lack of information, unclear photos, discriminatory langauge on profiles. Other red flags include discussing money too early. Apps like Tinder have a verified photo feature to let you know the person you’re talking to looks like their photos.
  5. When telling a match that you’re not interested, do so in a respectful and honest way. Make sure that this process is swift, but also when being rejected yourself, remember that it happens to everyone.
  6. If you wouldn’t do it in real life, then don’t do it virtually. Get familiar with dating apps’ community rules and safety tools. 

No More works to change negative cultures and increase awareness about these important issues by working with over 1,800 allied organisations and chapters around the world. 

“Given the focus on using dating apps nowadays, one of our aims is to provide guidance on how to message and communicate with someone you’ve matched with online”, says Pamela Zaballa, CEO at No More.

“The release of the Healthy Dating Guides is a welcomed additional tool for our members,” says Rory Kozoll, head of trust and safety product at Tinder.

“Working with No More, we’re able to continue our mission of supporting those entering online dating to form healthy relationships from the start”, Kozoll added.