Tinder Releases Interracial Dating Survey

Tinder has released the results of a survey asking 4,000 participants about interracial dating.

It found 77% of people who use Tinder are open to dating someone of a different ethnicity, while only 65% of people who date by other means would consider it.

92% of Tinder users felt the app made it easy to meet and date people from different backgrounds.

81% of global respondents also felt this way true of dating apps, though many hadn’t used them as much.

55% of participants felt online dating helped remove stigma around interracial dating.

70% of Tinder users were ‘very open’ to the idea of interracial dating or marriage, compared to 56% of people who use other dating apps.

63% felt dating apps helped them be more confident about dating outside of their own ethnicity.

72% felt Tinder was the most racially diverse dating app, versus 8% who felt it was Bumble and 3% who felt it was Hinge.

Only 37% took race into account when deciding whether a potential partner was attractive on Tinder, while over 50% of Bumble and Hinge users had it as a factor.

66% associated dating outside their ethnicity with new places, while 63% associated it with new experiences.

66% felt that it opened their mind, and 53% said it increased their awareness of social and political issues.

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