Tinder Releases Next Episode Of Its DTR Podcast

DTR Tinder
In the latest episode of Tinder’s DTR podcast, host Jane Marie takes over the Tinder accounts of two single women, looking at what it’s actually like to go on a date with someone you meet online.

DTR, which stands for “define the relationship”, is Tinder’s six part podcast series looking at dating in the digital age.

In the latest episode, Marie explains that many coupled-up men and women will swipe on their friends’ Tinder accounts on their behalf.

Marie explains why: “Partnered people love swiping because they either miss it or they never experienced it and want to give it a try.”

So, along with Andrew Ti, host of the “Yo, is this racist?” podcast, Marie swipes on behalf of two 25-year-old women in New York City, talks to their matches and sets them up on dates – which are recorded.

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