Tinder Releases Guide For Heterosexual Indians to Support LGBTQ Friends

Tinder has teamed up with LGBTQ online magazine Gaysi to help educate heterosexual Indians about how to be a respectful and supportive ally.

The two brands believe the assistance can have a very positive effect on the community, especially in a country where being LGBTQ is not fully accepted.

Gaysi is an India-based website that provides a safe space for queer people to share their stories and experiences, as well as finding out more about relevant media and entertainment. It also self-publishes a print magazine titled The Gaysi Zine.

The new advice comes in the form of five easy-to-follow steps.

People are first told to listen. Instead of pushing someone to come out, they are told to hold back and give their friend the time and space to say how they are feeling, as quickly or as slowly as they want.

Second of all, they should thank their friend that they trust them enough to be honest about their sexual orientation. It is also obviously advised to never disclose someone’s sexuality to anyone else without their permission.

Readers are encouraged to educate themselves and learn more about what it’s like to be LGBTQ. Further, they should realise some of their own problems are smaller in comparison.

They are also advised to never stop showing support by speaking up when someone is discriminated against, or educating others about LGBTQ rights.

Finally, they can always feel comfortable asking questions about their friend’s journey. Tinder and Gaysi advise that heterosexual people shouldn’t feel the need to treat their friend any different.

An OkCupid survey from June found that the majority of heterosexual Indians believed that same-sex marriage should be legalised.

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