Tinder Reports Rising Activity Rates During Lockdown Period

Data from Tinder shows that the number of conversations taking place on the app are up by an average of 39% during the worldwide coronavirus lockdowns.

The dating app has also revealed that the average length of conversations has increased by 28%. 

With more than one third of the world’s population currently in isolation, effects such as loneliness, anxiety, and uncertainty are being considered as contributing factors to the rise in Tinder usage.

Tinder’s ‘Passport’, a feature that is normally only for premium subscribers, is available to all users until the end of the month, to help people virtually transport out of their quarantine. The feature lets people match with other users from specific destinations all over the world.

India has seen a 25% rise in the rate of “passporting” to other parts of the globe, while there has been a 19% rise in Germany, a 20% rise in France, and 15% rise in Brazil. 

Personal bios set by users are also revealing a trend of including isolation keywords. These include examples like “stay at home” and “wash your hands”, encouraging users to abide by local regulations. 

Taru Kapoor, General Manager of and Match Group India, said to News 18: “Stay home, be safe, social distancing, wash your hands and face emojis are being used in personal bios.

“The increase in both conversation length and Passport usage, even before it was available for all users, only validated our belief that in challenging times, the community is finding ways to form new connections.”

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