Tinder Sees No Impact in Facebook Dating Trial Markets

Mandy Ginsberg has spoken to CNBC following Match Group’s Q4 earnings report this week. In the interview, she covers online dating as a category, Tinder’s growth and industry trends.

The CEO notes how more and more people are now using multiple dating apps, and how the number of relationships starting online has increased by orders of magnitude in recent years.

Ginsberg says it’s a “great time to be in the love business, for many reasons”, highlighting a decrease in stigma in foreign markets as another tailwind. Japan is singled out as a market where this is particularly true.

On Facebook Dating, she said there remains a possibility that the launch could bring millions of new consumers into the market.

She then added: “We have not seen any impact since Facebook has launched in the three markets that they’ve tested in – on our products – but I do think over time people are going to feel more comfortable”.

Facebook Dating is testing in Colombia, Canada and Thailand.

The interview closes with a discussion of Match Group’s portfolio. Tinder is reportedly “in a league of its own”, but older demographics coming online and the introduction of mobile have benefitted the other brands.

In the Match Q4 presentation, it was revealed that ARPU has been stable across non-Tinder properties since 2016.

Find the interview here.