Tinder Sponsors Swedish Women’s Rugby Team

Global dating app Tinder will be a shirt sponsor for the Gothenburg Rugby Union’s women’s team for the 2023 season. The team tried to use the dating app to recruit new players, but ended up getting much more than they bargained for. 

The team gained media attention after using Tinder to find new players. The platform quickly shut this down as it violated the platform’s community guidelines. However, Tinder then reached out to support the team in a way that doesn’t break any rules.

“Tinder is a platform with the size and power to create encounters between people who would otherwise not have come into contact with each other, just like in this case. When we heard about Gothenburg Rugby Association and their somewhat ‘creative measures’, we contacted the association to see how we could help them outside of the Tinder app in a way that does not violate our guidelines. We are so happy to be their shirt sponsor in the coming season”, says Elin Sivard, communications manager at Tinder in the Nordics.

Tinder has previously sponsored the Madrid Titanes, a rugby team in Spain, but this is the first time they’ve sponsored a sports team in the Nordic region. It hopes that this partnership will bring more attention to Sweden’s small rugby scene. 

“We received a call from Tinder, who liked the creativity of our recruitment campaign while informing us that it is against their guidelines and terms of service. They were interested in our organization and wanted to know how they could help, now that we know not to use the platform to recruit new players. If you see one of our players on Tinder now, it’s because they have found the app’s right and true purpose”, say Moa Berglund and Jesica Gomez from Gothenburg Rugby Association.

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