Tinder To Return Desk Mode

Tinder is set to bring back ‘Desk Mode’. Desk Mode has made appearances over recent years, the most recent being 2021. This feature allows users to swipe through Tinder on their desktop whilst in the workplace whilst being able to quickly hide the page when needed.

After conducting a survey on 1,000 US citizens that are between the ages of 18 and 30 and on dating apps, 30% of them admitted to swiping during a meeting, and 47% said they would much rather match and talk during working hours. Tinder claims that Desk Mode can ease the transition into hybrid working and the returning to the office following the COVID-19 pandemic.

This feature is located on Tinder’s website. When the briefcase icon is pressed, a report is pulled up with the label of ‘meeting notes’.

Previously, in their 2021 relaunch, Tinder warned that despite the discreet way to swipe at work, professional screen mirroring software could still track Tinder activity.

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