Tinder Trials New Photo & ID Verification

Tinder is trialling a new ID and photo verification feature in Australia and New Zealand. The new process encourages users to submit a video selfie and a valid ID document, followed by further photo verification.

Tinder announced that this trial will focus on date of birth and likeness checks as safety enhancements.

Users are asked to submit a video selfie and a valid Driver’s License or Passport. From there, the dating platform will check that the video selfie matches the photo from the ID and the pictures on the user’s profile.

The process will also check the date of birth on the ID with that on the user’s profile.

In exchange for completing this new process, photo verified users will receive a blue camera badge on their profiles, while ID verified users receive a blue ID verification badge. Users who do both will receive a blue checkmark.

Tinder shared that “we plan to take the learnings from this pilot as we explore expanding this feature out to other regions in the future”.

Tinder Australia’s local NGO partner, WESNET welcomed the pilot of ID Verification. WESNET CEO Karen Bentley said:

“We welcome this test and hope the pilot of the ID + Photo Verification process will help verify that potential matches are real as well as deter those thinking about misusing the dating app”.

This is the latest step in a number of initiatives in Australia to boost online dating safety, following increased government pressure and focus on the topic. 

You can find out more about Tinder’s new trial here.

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