TinderMe Cards Lets You Create Your Own Tinder Profile Business Cards

TinderMe Cards

A new site has been created that lets Tinder users promote their profiles when meeting people offline, by allowing them to create unique dating profile business cards.

TinderMe gives users of the dating app the ability to download business-style cards, which contain the key information from their dating profile.

Users can generate their own TinderMe Cards simply by entering their Tinder username into Tinderme.cards, which automatically adds their name, occupation and a link to their profile.

The cards also have a unique QR code for each Tinder profile, so that people can immediately access the profile on the app.

The TinderMe Cards can then be downloaded from the site in PDF format, which users can print out on A4, giving them eight business cards they can give out to people they are interested in.


The idea comes from Belgians Ward Oosterlijnck and Dries Depoorter, the latter who has some previous producing Tinder-related projects.

Last November, Depoorter created Tinder In, an art project that aimed to look at how people present themselves on different digital networking sites, by placing their Tinder and LinkedIn profile side by side.

The artist has previously done projects about digital privacy, such as posting his exact real-time location online for a whole year, and hacking traffic webcams to stream live videos of certain streets.

The new idea is possible thanks to Tinder’s December update, which introduced Tinder Web Profiles.

Users can now create a web profile that they can share online, using their own specific URL that includes their username.

To claim a username, Tinder users can visit the “Discovery Settings” in the app and click “Username”.

Tinder also made further changes to the app last week, giving singles the ability to send GIFs to matches, and no longer requiring users to upload profile photos via Facebook.

Create your own TinderMe Card here.