Tinder’s Facebook MAU Rises as Bumble’s Declines

Thinknum data has revealed a climb in the number of Tinder Facebook logins to record levels.

The numbers show Tinder as the most used app (as measured by Facebook logins), beating out both Spotify and Candy Crush Saga.

It also places above YouTube, Pinterest, Texas HoldEm Poker and Playstation Network on the ranking.

Other dating apps, however, have not fared so well. OkCupid’s Facebook logins have plateaued, and the service does not rank in the top 100 apps for the measure.

Digital Trends reports that Bumble has also “failed to gain ground on Tinder”, with its Facebook logins declining over summer.

The difference may be attributable to runaway Tinder success, or may be an artefact of apps moving away from Facebook logins in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Bumble removed the need for Facebook authentication in April, but early data showed no decline in its use.

Tinder has also introduced mobile sign-up, which Mandy Ginsberg says has been a popular option.

She told Recode: “It used to be, prior to last year, that if you joined Tinder, you had to join through Facebook.

“When given the option for new users coming through, 75 percent of people said, ‘I’d just rather use my phone and not use Facebook,’ even though it was the second option and Facebook was the big option on top.

“So it was clear that they wanted to separate their dating world from their Facebook world.”

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