Tinder’s #imavailable Giving Tuesday Campaign a Success


Tinder encouraged users
to share the hashtag #imavailable on social media this Giving Tuesday, with the company donating $100 for each mention to DoSomething.org.

The dating platform will donate up to a limit of $200,000 (20,000 mentions), with the money going towards social campaigns and movements.

Users simply had to post on any social media channel with the hashtag and a link to Tinder’s account, and the company would add the donation to their running total.

The cumulative amount raised on the website stands (at the time of writing) at $202,552 – the full amount Tinder targeted, as well as some additional donations from members of the public.

The app encouraged users to share their ‘availability’ in any context: “Whether you’re available to help a friend or classmate, or available to start making a difference in your community, we encourage you to give back and help someone in need”, the website states.

Read more about the campaign here.