Tinder’s New Social Feature Reveals Which Of Your Friends Use The Dating App


Earlier this week, Tinder took a step into the world of social, announcing its new group dating-style product, Tinder Social.

The feature, dubbed a “better way to go out with friends”, lets users create social groups on the app with other friends who also use Tinder.

Once you’ve created a group, you can then swipe through other social groups, see what they’re up to that night, like & match with them.

tinder social
The feature is currently being rolled out with a “small group” of users in Australia, and some early testers have noticed something amiss with the mechanics of the product.

When you choose the option to create a group, Tinder shows you a list of all your Facebook friends that are using the app – and therefore “available” to join your group – effectively “outing” people as users of Tinder.

This is obviously not information everyone would be happy with people knowing, especially considering that it allows you to view that person’s entire profile.

The issue arises from the fact that the feature is currently set to “opt-out” rather than “opt-in”, and although it’s a silly mistake by Tinder – and one that has attracted the headlines – it is something that can easily be rectified, considering that the feature is currently only available to a small test group in Australia.

In a blog post explaining the new product, Tinder said it would be launching it globally very soon, so we will keep an eye out for its full roll out.

Read more about the product here.