ToDate the ‘Same Day’ Dating App, Launches in the UK

ToDate, the ‘same day’ dating app, has launched in the UK. The platform promises users they won’t have to endlessly swipe to meet someone in real life, thanks to its innovative features.

The platform enables its users to select an activity they’d like to do and a time to do it. They can then see people who are interested in similar activities, and available at similar times. This helps create ‘same day’ dates.

“Having experienced the online dating scene myself, we wanted to create a dating solution for single people who don’t want to deal with the drawn out, and very often pointless, process of messaging someone for weeks on end only for it to not work out or end prematurely”, said Mani Kular, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of ToDate.

The platform also promises to address safety and catfishing issues that users may have encountered on other dating sites. All ToDate users need to be fully ID verified and approved by Amazon Web Services software, tackling catfishing issues.

ToDate is working with identity verification provider Credas to set up a system where users submit a live selfie that is cross-checked with user’s other photos to ensure no catfishing takes place.

“Safety and security is a real concern on the online dating scene, which is why ID verification was such a priority for us. We have created an environment which not only streamlines the dating process, but also one where users will hopefully feel more safe and comfortable than ever before through an online date service”, shares Nick Purewal, CEO and co-founder of ToDate. 

The platform launches in the UK following a successful seed funding round and is now available on the iOS app store and Google Play Store.