Toffee Almost Ready to Expand into International Markets

Toffee CEO Lydia Davis has published further details outlining plans to introduce the exclusive dating app to new international markets.

She also noted that the team are still working on an Android launch, which is due to happen before the global expansion.  

Earlier this year, Toffee announced it was planning these developments. It had initially planned a Google Play launch for September 2018, and then an Australian roll out in November.

Despite rescheduling some key milestones, Davis is still upbeat about how her startup has progressed.

She wrote on her personal LinkedIn page: “After an exciting six months in the UK market, we are planning to launch on Android shortly before expanding to some very exciting new geographies.

“We have already secured 50% of our second round of investment but there remains an opportunity for one or two more individuals to invest in the business.”

The other countries that Toffee is set to be released in are the US, South Africa, Nigeria and India.

Davis uploaded an accompanying table documenting how many people would be eligible to use Toffee in the new territories.

Only 8% of the US population are privately educated (the same as in the UK). However, South Africa, Nigeria (both 19%), Australia (35%) and India (38%) all have a considerably higher proportion of private school attendees.

Last week, Toffee was included in a Financial Times article that covered the elite dating scene.

Visit the Toffee website here.

Dominic Whitlock

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