Toffee Begins International Expansion With Australia Launch

Toffee, the dating app for privately-educated singles, is now available in Australia, marking the first step of its global roll out.

When the app was initially released in London last year it was met with a media storm and a large amount of negative feedback.

Despite numerous critics branding Toffee as “elitist”, founder Lydia Davis remained confident the product would be a success and she told GDI that she knew always knew it would be a talking point. It has since amassed more than 30,000 monthly active users.

Australia is a natural move for the startup company as 35% of the population have attended private schools, compared to just 8% in the UK.

The plans for the next few months are to continue expanding into more English-speaking markets, such as the US, South Africa, Nigeria and India, by the end of the year.

Davis said in a statement: “Life is so busy and stressful nowadays, we have less free time than we did 20 years ago, and we’re reluctant to give it up. Any spare time we have is spent with friends and family, so meeting people organically has become exponentially more difficult.

“Helping to break down these barriers, helping people to find long-term love; those are my goals in life. I’m excited to now be doing this on an international level.”

Toffee has committed to helping good causes throughout 2019 and will donate 33% of the year’s profits to five different UK-based charities.

Visit the Toffee website here.