Toffee Sets US Launch Date For 29th June

Toffee, the controversial dating app for privately-educated singles, is scheduled to launch in the US on 29th June.

The platform received a huge amount of media attention in the UK in 2018, with many critics branding it as “snobby” and “elitist”. However, this coverage helped to drive downloads and Toffee continues to offer a space for people from similar backgrounds to meet each other.

Any prospective members in the US, who downloads before the release date, will be an exclusive ‘Founding Member’, a term that entitles them to a free 90 day subscription when Toffee goes live.

Co-founder and CEO Lydia Davis said in a statement: “There have been some exciting  developments in the Toffee camp, not only have we had two successful launches in just the past year, we’re now also set to take on America, as the next leg of our journey.

“Life is so busy and stressful nowadays that dating has become exponentially more difficult, nobody has the time to spare. Helping to break down these barriers, helping people to find long-term love, those are my goals in life. I can’t wait to start ‘matchmaking’ on a much larger scale.”

Toffee was introduced to Australian singles in May 2019 and the company is looking to expand its roll out across more English-speaking nations with a high privately-educated population.

The concept resonates well with its members as 53% of users between the ages of 18 and 30 said they feel more comfortable dating someone from a similar background.

Visit the Toffee website here.