TrafficPartner Signs New Deal With DatingCash and Mad Offers

DatingCash TrafficPartner is extending its monetisation services by signing a new deal with DatingCash and MAD Offers.

MAD Offers is a Netherlands-based CPA network that focuses on the dating, gaming and mainstream verticals.

DatingCash is European affiliate program active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK.

Bram Bolt, co-founder and managing director of DatingCash and MAD Offers said: “A short-term goal on our end is to further optimize the products and expand services to new countries fast.

“At the moment we’re targeting France, Switzerland, Austria and the UK specifically, while the Netherlands and Belgium naturally remain our strongest markets.

“Before we’re headed to new regions though, we simply want to ensure a top notch service delivered to the new audience.

“Of course, we’re already stellar in this regard, but we feel with on our side, we’ll be able to push our tech even further.”

As the companies begin to work together on next steps for the partnership, TrafficPartner clients can start monetising traffic in the Netherlands and Belgium through various offers.

These include DatingCash offers like or, which are all available in the TrafficPartner Performance Network.

Speaking about why the partnership was signed, CEO Michael Reul said: “They are professionals when it comes to ROI maximization for mainstream, gaming and dating traffic in Europe.

“Generally speaking, it was very important for me to know Michael (Reul) and Andy (Wullmer).

“So, when negotiations really started, obviously the existing synergies made for high interest from our end.

“Although, we also wanted to become part of the family, because we already knew of the extensive knowledge and power behind!

“We couldn’t wish for a better partner when it comes to dating products for example or analytics that help achieve the next level.”

The move comes after TrafficPartner made an agreement with Grand Slam Media and Adnium to offer members area traffic in Europe, and a partnership with VR Bangers.

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