Trends in User Retention from Liftoff’s 2018 Engagement Index

User acquisition specialists Liftoff have released the 2018 edition of the Mobile App Engagement Index, now in association with mobile marketing platform Leanplum.

In this series of articles, GDI covers some of the key findings from the report. Here, we consider the trends relating to user retention.

One trend was that iOS users have a shorter time between sessions, whereas Android users have longer sessions and longer breaks on their favourite apps.

That said, iOS users are more likely to be active than Android users in general. When this is combined with session data, retention on iOS is around 17% higher.

The average session duration for dating apps was 3.5 minutes, slightly higher than that of finance apps. Gaming apps had the highest session length, at 11.7 minutes on average.

The time between sessions was longest for dating apps at 14.2 days, with average users returning to shopping, travel, finance, gaming and media apps within 13.5 days.

The authors recommend driving this figure down by being creative: “Dating should be fun, so send creative notifications that recommend top matches in a user’s network.

“To motivate your most active power users, consider teasing a free trial subscription to make their in-app browsing experience more successful.”

Find the full report here.

Scott Harvey

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