TrulyMadly Receives Praise For Eco-Friendly Office

Indian dating app TrulyMadly has been praised for its eco-friendly approach to business by entrepreneur news website YourStory.

The startup looks to protect the environment in as many ways as possible, including by getting rid of all single-use plastic stirrers and water cups, as well as stopping printing unless absolutely necessary.

Founder Snehil Khanor has stopped commuting in his personal vehicle and instead car-pools or uses public transport. He is also a vocal fan of electric cars and tries to use them whenever possible.

TrulyMadly is headquartered in the Indian capital of New Delhi which has notoriously poor air quality, particularly after the annual Diwali celebrations. The city is also in danger of running out of clean groundwater so Khanor has introduced waterless urinals in the men’s toilets.

He explained to YourStory: “We were horrified to hear that Delhi was among other major cities in India that is running out of groundwater. 

“A normal urinal uses around eight litres of water per flush, which comes to about 1.5 lakh litres of water per year per urinal. So, it was an obvious choice to opt for water-less urinals.”

Finally, younger TrulyMadly employees are encouraged to look after potted plants. Each quarter, the best performing employees are rewarded with an indoor plant to look after along with a cash prize. 

Khanor says he wants to make a lot of small changes to make a long-term impact.

TrulyMadly currently has more than five million users after first turning profitable at the beginning of this year.

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Dominic Whitlock

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