Twitter’s Gives Advertisers Greater Audience Insights


Twitter has just introduced a new audience insight tool to help advertisers better understand their audiences on Twitter.

The tool gives you insight into your followers, and the people who engage with your Tweets.

And for those creating ad campaigns on the social network, you can find new and relevant audiences for targeting – breaking them down by demographic, interests, purchasing behaviour and more.


In a blog post, Twitter’s Revenue Product Manager, Andrew Bragdon said:

joThere are multiple ways to leverage audience insights. For example, if you’re running a campaign to increase awareness about a new cosmetics line, you can use this tool to learn about your potential customers on Twitter – the beauty products they’ve recently purchased, what fashion trends they’re interested in and even TV viewing behaviour.”


Using this information, advertisers can identify the most useful segments to target their ads to, and choose which creative – such as a Vine or video clip – the audience will find most compelling.

In addition to this, you can find out information about your followers – such as whether they use iPhone or Android, to target your app accordingly.


Users can also compare your audience to all Twitter users in different countries – to see how they differ, so you can use this information to tweak campaigns.


The service is available to all those advertising on Twitter in the US, but will roll out to more markets over the next few months.

Visit the Audience Analytics here.