U.S. Public Split on COVID-19 Vaccination Status in Online Dating

New surveys from the Pew Research Center state that 47% of U.S. adults who have used online dating platforms in the past year believe it’s at least somewhat important for dating profiles to include COVID-19 vaccination status.

23% of U.S. adults responded that COVID-19 vaccination status is very important to see on dating profiles. Altogether this means that there is nearly a 50-50 split among U.S. dating app users regarding the importance of this information on the profiles they’re swiping through.

The difference in opinion here reflects political affiliation, the Pew Research Center concludes. Respondents who lean towards the Democratic party are more likely to value seeing vaccination status when compared to Republican counterparts.

The survey continues, stating over half of regular dating app users in the U.S. believe it’s important for political affiliation to be displayed on profiles. The number of users who believe this is important has risen from 40% in 2019, to 53% currently.

Beyond profile preferences, the survey found that 28% of recent online dating users have used phone or video calls for their first date. 1 in 5 state that they went on at least one virtual first date in the past year, but that COVID-19 was not the reason they chose to do so.

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