Uber Growth Expert Holding Selective Eight Week Program On How To Achieve Growth

andrew chen

This summer, Uber growth expert Andrew Chen is running a program designed to help companies and individuals plan, solve and achieve growth.

The selective eight week program, called Reforge, will feature top growth leaders from companies such as Dropbox, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Atlassian and more.

The series is being led by Brian Balfour, former VP of Growth at HubSpot, and co-hosted by Uber’s Andrew Chen.

It is described as an “8 week program (up to 4 hours per week) to help you accelerate your career and/or company by developing a systematic approach to think, solve, and act on growth initiatives.”

Those interested in attending the program must first apply to join, as it is for experienced applicants, rather than those who are entry level or looking to switch careers.

The deadline to apply is the 14th June, and you can find out more about it here.