US Programmatic Ad Spend to Rise 28% in 2018

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eMarketer has estimated that programmatic ad spend in the USA will rise 28% over the course of 2018.

Programmatic ad spend on mobile is set to exceed $32 billion, or some 70% of digital display outlays in America.

The percentage of mobile ads which display programmatically will approach 90% in the next two years, they predict.

A large proportion of this growth will come from a greater focus on social media, and a move to improve the efficiency of in-app advertising.

Another factor is the increased sophistication with which advertisers are able to target specific audiences.

Further, the global content marketing industry is set to grow 16% per year until 2021. The surge will see far more native ads bought programmatically.

Snapchat’s recent move to programmatic advertising reportedly saw them cut the numbers of advertising staff dramatically, laying off around 100 employees.

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