US Singles Are Most ‘Swipe Happy’, 7x More Likely To Subscribe To Dating Apps

New data from Liftoff has revealed that singles in North America are the most “swipe happy”, with subscription rates in the US much higher than those in EMEA and APAC.

Released today, the research reveals a number of interesting mobile dating app trends based on almost 3bn ad impressions from over 1m app installs and 3.4m post-install events throughout 2016.

The findings show that North American singles are the most likely to subscribe to dating apps, compared to those from other areas.

In fact, subscription rates in North America are 7.2 times higher than those in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and 2.6 times higher than those in Asia-Pacific (APAC).

North American singles are also cheaper to acquire – the cost 190% lower than in EMEA.


Liftoff also found that women register for dating apps far more often than men, and are also more likely to subscribe.

The infographic explains that women register to dating apps on Android 100% more than men, and 106% more on iOS.

And when it comes to subscription rates, women sign up 31% more on Android and 49% more on iOS.

Registration was also found to peak in the summer months – despite the fact that a lot of marketing money is spent around Valentine’s Day.

Liftoff found that in June, 57.3% of users register post-install and this spike continues throughout July, August and September.

Mark Ellis, Liftoff’s CEO, said: “As we expand into new regions, it’s fascinating to dive into our data and see how mobile engagement differs around the world and across cultures.

“For example, our Mobile Dating report last year focused just on North America and we learned that registration rates peak in the spring–but when you widen the lens to include all APAC and EMEA, we see those registration rates spiking in the summer.

“The more specific slices that we can uncover, the better we can help marketers make more informed, regionalised, and hyper-local decisions.”


The study also shows that if users are going to subscribe to a dating app, they will do so within one week of installing.

However, dating apps also see the largest drop-off in terms of engagement, rates hitting just 1.4% – the lowest stat across all app categories.

To see the full infographic please click here.