Vaccinated Users More Likely To Find A Match

Users of online dating apps are more likely to find a match if they are vaccinated, research finds. The research showed that users tended to gain more matches if their vaccination status’ coincided. This comes as many dating apps have introduced a feature that allows users to display their vaccination status on their profile.

As well as introducing the vaccination badges, OkCupid has also introduced a series of questions for users regarding their vaccination beliefs. OkCupid’s senior marketing manager, Sitara Menon, has noticed a dramatic increase in users stating that a person’s vaccine status is a key decision maker for them. She said “the term ‘vaccination’ became the most used in 2021, with a 763% increase in the word ‘vaccine’ being used on people’s profiles”.

The rise in vaccinated matches follows a 25% increase in online dating app usage in India during the second wave of COVID-19. As dating in person became almost impossible during the pandemic, singles turned to online dating apps to find their ideal match.

Able Joseph, founder and CEO of the dating app Aisle, said: “In the last month, we’ve seen around 28% user growth and 25% increase in daily active users.

“When the lockdown hit last year, we saw a surge in the number of installs due to boredom, but as time passed we noticed users are looking for potential long-term partners and don’t want to spend another lockdown alone.”

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