Viola.AI Founder Features in TEDx Talk

The video of Viola.AI CEO Violet Lim’s TEDx talk, titled “What Dating Apps and Algorithms Don’t Tell You”, has been posted online.

In her presentation, which took place last August in Singapore, she discussed some of the secrets of the online dating industry and how her companies work to create the most meaningful connections.

Lim explained that one of the main reasons people give for being single is that they haven’t found the right person yet. However, she believes this means they are really prioritising “superficial criteria” (looks and height) over “significant criteria” (family values and honesty).

She continued on to suggest that dating apps may be facilitating this mindset, especially the ones that use swiping functionality. At Lunch Actually, Lim’s offline matchmaking agency, all members are set up on blind dates to avoid a shallow attitude.

During her TEDx talk Lim said: “Dating apps are corporations. The technology that they have created is meant to maximise revenues, profits, app usage and to keep you online for as long as possible.

“Strange as it might sound, but whether a single individual dater succeeds or not is not always their number one priority.”

She revealed that some leading online dating services would rather match two users with 70% compatibility than users with 90% compatibility. This is a technique used to create more interactions and to increase usage time, instead of showing a single their best possible match.

The talk concluded with her suggesting that the real secret that the online dating industry doesn’t want people to know is that true love happens offline.

Viola.AI will be represented at GDI’s first ever Singapore Dating Conference in May.

Visit the Viola.AI website here.

Dominic Whitlock

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