Wanderlove: The Long-Distance Dating Trend

In a survey of 14,000 Bumble users, a third of respondents shared that they would be open to relationships with people outside their current city. This points to a trend where singles are more open to trying long-distance relationships.

Dating platform Seeking also found that 39% of its study respondents would also be open to travelling beyond their city’s limits for love, Metro reports. Seeking’s resident dating expert Emma Hathorn gives some reasons why.

She explains that dating TV shows normalised the idea of widening the dating search, as well as the opportunities for travel enabled by remote working. 

Hayley Quinn, a dating expert from Match, highlights that singles may also want to escape the dating environment of a big city, or may feel more comfortable finding a partner in their hometown for example.

Quinn explains that Wanderlove is also a mentality saying “‘the good news is, even if the cost of living means your travel budget is looking meagre for 2023, there are lots of principles of Wanderlove that you can incorporate into your everyday dating life.”

“If you can give yourself permission to have fun, to explore your type, and be open-minded as to where things can go there’s no reason why you can’t experience the same outlook on dating on your own doorstep”.