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WeAre8 Launches in the USA

The social app that puts charity work and positive impact at the core of its service is heading to the US of A after successfully launching in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. WeAre8 was launched in 2020, and now has the backing of leading media brands, such as Warner Bros and Discovery, plus charity collaborations, for its US launch. It’s a social app that rewards its users with money for watching ads. 

On WeAre8, people have two feeds. They have the feed from media brands and established and verified creators, and they have a feed that is just for their friends. It’s a platform for sharing video and pictures, much like Instagram or TikTok. When people watch content from brands, the unique advertising model means people actually get paid a small amount for watching the content. They can either keep that money, or directly donate it to charities partnered with the app. 

WeAre8 Founder and CEO Sue Fennessy said:

“Two billion of us are living in a world of social technology that connects us, but also isolates us, fuels the mental health crisis and climate crisis and undermines democracy at a time when people and society need to come together to support each other and our precious planet. Society and our planet need technology that serves us and I am excited for the United States being ‘UNITED’ in a new social home that is built on community, purpose and love.”

We’ve covered how social discovery feels like a more positive place than a lot of social networks. WeAre8 remains more of a social network platform, but is achieving its positivity in a very different and interesting way. With strong brand partners, the platform has a chance to be a rewarding and positive online space to be in and connect with your friends. 

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