Webinar Will Reveal Secrets Of Tinder’s Behavioural Analytics


A forthcoming webinar will give insight into Tinder’s use of behavioural analytics, and how it has been used to grow the dating phenomenon.

The webinar will be held by Bob Wilson, Tinder’s Director of Business Analytics on March 30th, who will be joined by Miroslav Klivansky from Interana – where the webinar is being hosted.

The talk will cover the following topics:

  • How Tinder uses cohort analysis to segment users to determine the impact of new ideas or features and what sticks.
  • How Tinder tracks users through a conversion path to find who completes the path, or where they step off, using Funnels.
  • How engagement analysis has helped Tinder to develop products that better meet their users’ needs.

The webinar is being held on Interana on March 30, at 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST.

To sign up for the webinar, visit this link.