Wefeel Now Supports New & Experienced Couples

Relationship app Wefeel was created by two clinical psychologists to help long-term couples keep the spark alive and maintain the quality of their connection. It has recently launched a new function that helps newly-formed couples to create a strong foundation for their relationship.

The new version of Wefeel means that new & existing couples can both find helpful resources on the platform.

It decided to cater to new couples as “lots of people are burned out on the initial stages of dating, particularly users of dating apps. They are tired of telling their stories again and again, asking the same questions, and investing in someone only for it not to pan out”, Wefeel explained.

The goal is to make this early stage of dating more convenient and fun for couples. 

Wefeel shared that the platform combines couples therapy techniques with fun games. These games help couples to “reflect and laugh, while learning about themselves, deepening their intimacy, and nurturing their bond”.

Wefeel already has over a million registered users worldwide, with 30-40 thousand active monthly users. The platform proudly shares that 86% of its users say that it had a positive impact on their relationship.

You can find out more about Wefeel on its website here.

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