White Label Dating Increases Paying Subscribers by Two-Thirds From Early Lockdown

White Label Dating has revealed that it saw the number of its paying subscribers increase by 66% in August, compared to the beginning of lockdown a few months ago.

The increase was seen across all of the company’s networks and international markets. This includes continued positive movement in the USA, with the introduction of new monetisation tools and advanced reporting.

Over the same period, there was a 50% increase in new registrations in the USA, as well as a complete doubling of new subscription revenues.

The country is one of White Label Dating’s fastest growing markets, with a whole host of new niche dating sites being launched. Compared to the UK, the USA is a much less competitive market in terms hyper-niche dating platforms, meaning acquisition costs are considerably lower.

This has led to partners reporting a growth of 15% in yield per registration since the beginning of March.

White Label Dating Co-CEO Steve Pammenter explained in a statement: “The WLD platform is recognised by the industry as the best performing dating platform for English-speaking markets. We’re excited to be growing our networks and expanding further into the world of niche dating.

“Being able to offer our partners hyper-local and hyper-niche combinations to target will be pivotal for success in the USA, due to the extensive land mass and interest ranges. To get our partners ahead of the game we’re working to further and rapidly populate the USA, as well as others networks.

“With a considerable 7-figure marketing investment from White Label Dating, our partners are confident in achieving growth across the pond with minimal effort on their part. We’re excited to power and support the journey.”

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