Whitney Wolfe Herd on Building a Workplace for Women


Bumble CEO and Founder Whitney Wolfe Herd has penned a longform article in Refinery29 on how to build a company that caters to its female employees.

She describes how Bumble first launched as a small initiative looking to empower women, and moved from there to become a billion dollar company.

Bumble was run on a very tight budget when it was founded, with Wolfe Herd only hiring young women straight out of university.

From there, it has grown to house over 80 full time employees worldwide. The majority are women, which has a profound effect on management.

She’s noticed that the men she employs fight more readily for pay rises, and she encourages her female staff not to feel guilty when they think they deserve a raise.

To deal with this ‘confidence gap’, Herd says she has a mandatory pay review wherein employees are free to advocate for themselves.

She also regularly discusses personal growth and trajectory with her employees, making sure they feel confident and positive in their working environment.

Accommodating motherhood is another major tenet of Herd’s best practice – she describes the breastfeeding facilities in the office and the various internal activities Bumble will put on for children during work hours.

“We have days when there are a handful of little ones coloring, doing arts and crafts projects, and playing together in our office. It’s just part of life here,” she says.

Women occupy every directorial position at Bumble. Female-run office space is an opportunity to break the mould of male traditions in the workplace, Herd feels.

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